The idea behind the app, kind of ironic, but it is for those times when you can’t think of what else to do besides interacting with a device or screen of some sort. The content provided is geared to help you either reconnect with your body in some way or develop a physical skill that will take you offline. We’ll be adding to our roster of featured artists and wellness practitioners to help you with this process to check back often. Or not too often. đŸ˜‰

Relax & Ground with Therèse

Enter into the healing portal with Therèse talking you through it. Massage therapist and hand drumming instructor as well as nature enthusiast & Flamenco dancer, Therèse guides you to deepen your connection with your body in these challenging times.


Sing and Play with Jobird

Joanna is an artist at play who celebrates the melding of sound and words through her unforgettable voice. A lead singer with a soft, sensual appeal, Joanna is also a skilled improvisor and musician. 







Joanna Finch

Joanna Finch

Jobird Music & Sensing Bliss Studio