Darlene Isaac
Darlene Isaac, Indigenous Author wrote Dear Journal It’s Me Little Darlenie
Our Streetsville Square event poster
Define Movement Events- Hip Hop & Physical Literacy


Digital Dreams poster
Join the Digital Dreams program to bring clarity to your goals and intentions.
Joanna Finch
Sensing Bliss – a pleasurable way to detox from the digital effects


Your Wellbeing is Important



What if being successful was about staying in a state of flow and being able to capture the very best of every new possibility? Can you unravel your digital life from your real one?

Featured Artists 

                                 showcasing the path to wellness, inspiration spontaneity and creativity


Dammecia Hall

Joanna Finch  – Simply Wild & Jobird Music

Joanna is an artist at play who celebrates the melding of sound and words through her unforgettable voice. A lead singer with a soft, sensual appeal, Joanna is also a skilled improvisor and musician. 

Dammecia Hall- Define Movement –  Physical Literacy Conference Choreographer


Therèse Bouchard – Integrated and Holistic Healing Arts

“I love being of service and witnessing the transformation that happens when

holding space for people and supporting their self-healing energy.”


Gretchen Theakston – Transformational Coach, Healer, Intuitive, and Self-Love Advocate as well as a Mother and Nurse